Ad Builder files requirements

Image resolutions

Standard ad sizes

NameStandard mobile bannerRectangleMobile interstitialTablet bannerTablet interstitial

Other formats

NameMobile banner (300x50)Wideboard

Creative builder file upload

Unless specified otherwise, all formats support JPG, PNG and GIF uploads using standard ad format resolutions.

General guidelines for optimal result

Our system will automatically compress images for optimal ad delivery speed; to make the most of it, follow these guidelines:

  • Export images with with the highest quality available (low compression)
  • If available to you, export images @2x (for example, for a rectangle 300x250 - export images in twice the resolution: 500x600)

Custom file requirements

360° Ad

Image fieldSupported file typeResolution
360 imagePNG, JPGAspect ratio 2:1 - Max width: 3000px. Sample:
Fallback imagePNG, JPG, GIFStandard ad size

Heat distortion

Image fieldSupported file typeResolution
Background imagePNG, JPGStandard ad size
Overlay ImagePNG (with transparency)Standard ad size
Fallback imagePNG, JPG, GIFStandard ad size

Gyro ad

Image fieldSupported file typeResolution
Background imageJPG, PNG (no transparency)Standard ad size
Layer imagesPNG (with transparency)Standard ad size


Image fieldSupported file typeResolution
Panorama imageJPG, PNG (no transparency)

Height: standard size height

Width: minimum x2 standard standard size width

Example: 600x250